Quickie #11

Disregarded by the ones you thought cared about you most.

The most painful kind of betrayal:

Betrayal through love–

unintended but excruciating

Quickie #10

With all the pain but without the tears.

Praying for the sweet embrace of sleep;

a swift but short escape

into the abyss birthed from slumber.

A continuous battle, seemingly never-ending.

Quickie #8

I used to hate History.

It was boring and uninteresting.

Now it’s all I have of us.

It’s all I can hold on to.

Quickie #7

I stared blankly at the screen
recounting things that have been
back when ignorance meant bliss
and before things went amiss


Quickie #6

I try and try

I try to understand
I try to pursue
I try to try
No, I do try
I do

But your walls are up
When my guard is down
Just tell me to stop
Tell me its hopeless
Because sometimes,
it feels like it is

Quickie #5

My thoughts became blurry
My heart beat quickly
Hands were shaky
Breathing? heavy

The thought of losing you
before you were even mine…
But it still felt scary.

Quickie #3

Everyday is in repeat.
A dull mixture of work and sleep.
Contrasted with the cacophony of reality.
But amidst it all, I find sanctuary in my thoughts;

With you

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