A reminder to myself

There’s a lot of things I want to accomplish. So much that I actually forgot one of the principles I used to follow whenever I feel swamped with work.

Take things one at a time and prioritize. I’ll get there; no need to rush. For now, I guess, I’ll work on other things before I go for the things I really want. These things, minor as they are, will serve as stepping stones. I mean, I can’t just take one long stride to the finish line now can I. I just gotta keep placing one foot ahead of the other and I’ll get there.


Do your best to stay motivated.

Time Management

I’m having a hard time trying to balance all my activities.

I hope my grades won’t be greatly affected…

But hey, at least I get to say that I’m staying up late for a reason. All these people I know keep saying how they stay up late studying, doing homeworks and whatnot. Dude seriously, learn time management. Last year when I had few extra-curricular activities, I still managed to get great grades. And last year I was still going to the gym at least 3 times a week. And never did I sleep late for the sole purpose of studying. Usually it was for facebook.

So far I’ve been revising my steps for multitasking. Last year I thought it was already pretty organized but now I managed to make tweaks to my “Steps to get things done” method

Stop complaining
Calm down
Man up
Do it
One at a time over Some at a time

Marriage Equality

Sanctity of marriage? What?

Are Christians of this era really that arrogant? Christians don’t own the concept of marriage. They should stop acting like they do. Marriage is a human right, not a religious privilege.

Anyone should be able to get married.

Why should sexuality matter?

We’re already living in a modern and sophisticated era. I doubt sexuality should even matter to people anymore. It’s not even bothering anyone so why should you care about anybody’s sexual orientation?

People already have a lot to deal with in their lives and sexuality is probably the least of their problems considering it’s not even supposed to be anyone’s problem. Everyone just goes on with their life so I really don’t get why anyone would be bothered about how somebody else chooses to live it.

Don’t you think you have more important things to do than trying to deprive other people from their own rights? Screw you if you think you even have the right to dictate what other people should and should not do. Everyone only has one life. We should be able to enjoy it the way we want to.

God vs Homosexuality

I love God. God promotes peace, love, equality, and all those wonderful things.

So I wonder, why are religious people so stupid and oblivious to their actions?

I don’t get how one could get so pissed at someone to the point that they’d use violence as an option. For example, why do you idiotic Christians hate homosexuals so f***ing much?

(this is only meant for those that actually do hate them. I’m not saying all Christians are idiots. Just some)

When Jesus came here, he did not alienate anyone. He did not discriminate against anyone. He came for the sole purpose of saving us. Was he ever hateful to anyone? You know, when you say “God will punish you” or “God will hate you” you’re only ruining his name. He is said to be omnibenevolent. I doubt God knows anything about “hatred”. And what right do you have to discriminate against others? Are you “the savior”? Who gave you the authority to decide whether someone is sinful? Quoting a passage from the bible “He who is free of sins may cast the first stone” and no one did. So why should you? Are you that arrogant to make decisions “in the name of God”? Who’s to say that when you physically abuse homosexuals that you are pleasing God and that you are doing God’s work? Are you seriously that stupid? Really? Really? Really?

If you’re going to follow the teachings of the bible, then wouldn’t your mission be to save as much as you can? Your mission is not to alienate people due to their sins but make them aware of it. You are supposed to live happy and enriched lives that will make people realize that a life with God is one that is worth living. All you’re doing is giving a bad name to Christianity. I hope you’re happy.


Soon this blog will be filled about my views on many controversial topics. I suggest you stop reading if you are easily offended.

I’ll be talking about religion, homosexuality and some other things that may pop in to my noggin among the many random thoughts I will be posting as well


Education is one of the best things you can purchase with money.

That said, education does not only refer to schools. Knowledge is found everywhere.

Getting a girl

To me, talking to girls is a natural thing already. I have 5 sisters so I’m used to how girls think. But I noticed that a lot of guys have problems talking to girls especially with the ones they like. If you plan on courting a girl, you need to remember one thing. Try to look past the “I want her as my girlfriend” or the “I’d do her”. Look past all the sexual tension and be friends with them. Don’t think about the trivial matters, that’ll just make you fail if you intend on getting a girl friend. If it works, it still makes you a douche for just going after the girl due to her looks and for your own personal pleasure.

Every girl is different. Remember, every girl has a genital organ. But they all have different personalities, which should be the more important factor for you to consider

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