Someone better

You can find a “perfect” and amazing person and yet it still won’t work. And you think there won’t be someone else as amazing or compatible.

But sometimes people come in your life not to stay, but to make you realize that it’s never the “last” person.

You can always find someone that can make you feel again. It won’t be the “last” time.

Yes, it will never be the last time. There will always be someone better.

It won’t be the last time until you find the last one.

There will always be someone better until you find the best one for you.

Lately it’s been getting hard to control my temper. Mixed with not caring, I’m slowly becoming the toxic one.

My mom tried playing the pity card along with some waterworks. I didn’t care.


I didn’t want to care.

Something’s wrong with me.

I don’t think I deserve anything good in my life.

Despicable me.

Light isn’t the only thing that matters in this world.

Sometimes, even the dark can provide comfort.

Once you learn the truth,

Would it be a sin to close your eyes?

I’m really finding it hard to care.

I’m really, honestly, sincerely, sorry.

This is bad. I almost can’t take it anymore. I had half a mind to jump out of irritation 🤦‍♂️.

“Lalasunin ko nalang sarili ko” -Mom

Context: nasestress sya pag d nya magawa gusto nya because of old age.

Sigh… Toxicity at its finest. And it’s rubbing off on me. Sana mauna nalang ako.

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