Son, it’s time we talked about sports…again

Such a good read. Great humor and very entertaining.

I've become my parents

Ski jump fail

Hi folks. This post was originally published over 3 years ago when I’ve Become My Parents was still just a puppy and had about 18 subscribers. I was thinking about this post recently when my son actually agreed to go out on a tennis court with me and hit some balls. Granted, more balls went over the fence than the net, but he actually enjoyed himself. What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, read on. And when you’re done, I’d love to hear your thoughts about kids and sports, crazy sports parents, and wussy ones like me.

Son, it’s time we talked about sports

“Hey Dad, at the class picnic I was sitting there thinking everyone hated me and Danny came up to me and said I was ‘hard to hate’. Isn’t that a funny thing to say?”

The way you said that yesterday, son, totally caught me off guard. You said…

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