Time Management

I’m having a hard time trying to balance all my activities.

I hope my grades won’t be greatly affected…

But hey, at least I get to say that I’m staying up late for a reason. All these people I know keep saying how they stay up late studying, doing homeworks and whatnot. Dude seriously, learn time management. Last year when I had few extra-curricular activities, I still managed to get great grades. And last year I was still going to the gym at least 3 times a week. And never did I sleep late for the sole purpose of studying. Usually it was for facebook.

So far I’ve been revising my steps for multitasking. Last year I thought it was already pretty organized but now I managed to make tweaks to my “Steps to get things done” method

Stop complaining
Calm down
Man up
Do it
One at a time over Some at a time


Does anyone else have that feeling when they get a really strong crush on someone, you lose your libido? It’s ironic really. You find a new object for your affection and now you just can’t seem to have any sexual feelings anymore except for the person himself. It’s like it’s simply directed towards one person and looking at others doesn’t do it for you anymore. It doesn’t last forever but damn it my affections for someone just got stronger.

I tried to understand why this phenomenon happens and my theory is that when you start to REALLY “like” a certain someone, you can’t stand to look at “objects” that would usually help you “get started”  (EDIT: I was talking about pornography. For some reason, 16/17 year old me found it hard to discuss this openly) when in your normal state of mind. Like you feel guilty for looking at someone else.

Sidenote: I’ve noticed that my standards for physical appearance isn’t that high anymore. I’m actually proud of myself since it proves that the person I like doesn’t have to be good-looking. I’m actually looking at other aspects now.

Must be nice…

It must be nice for other guys to know that they can freely choose to court a girl they like. Whether they’re shy, introverted or not-so-good-looking, they still have the option to court any girl they like.

It must be nice to have the freedom to court the person you like…

Something I might want to change

I think my life would be much easier (and more fun) if I wasn’t the org. president this school year =\

Though I know that I also gained some good out of it, it’s a lot of work and takes up a lot of my few remaining free time =\

Hope I can still keep up with my grades…


I love daydreaming.

Recently I’ve found myself daydreaming more about badminton…

But usually, I daydream about surreal stuff. Here’s some of them:

I daydream about having a secret twin that only my family knows of then suddenly he visits me at school or pops out of nowhere when I’m on an outing with friends, or something within those lines.

Sometimes I daydream about how I’m a wanted criminal in hiding. And of course where’s the fun in that if they don’t find you? The army they send after you and how skilled I am at running away and showing off by killing some of the men with my fancy tricks.

Other times I think about having superpowers. I mean, who hasn’t? Monsters suddenly appearing and sometimes its either I’m the only one that can save them or some of my friends turn out to be people with abilities as well and we help each other.

Sometimes I daydream about my crushes.

I have a nice vivid imagination. I’m thankful for this. This keeps me entertained whenever I’m bored.

Weird Parents

You hear this all the time. Children always talk about how hard it is to make their parents buy them things. How much they have to beg for their parents to get them a gameboy or a playstation. I can relate to that too when I was a kid. But things became weird when I got a bit older.

Now I’m the one trying to convince my parents NOT to over-spend on me. I keep telling them to NOT buy me stuff. They keep telling me it’s fine because I deserve it but still, it feels weird when you get things you want so easily… It’s like I’m really not used to it so I try to persuade them to not buy me something so I can feel the emotion of not getting what I want. I guess I just miss that feeling

The small things I missed

Yesterday I was able to do things that I haven’t done in a very very long time. I went to a friend’s house for his birthday and we played a lot of games that we used to play as kids. Dodge ball, tag, “patintero”, and more.

It’s easy to forget how fun things are when you don’t do them anymore. But it’s also easy to remember once you do it with friends.

And I realized, you’re never too old to do these things. Fun is not reserved for a specific age set.

I frigging love hanging out with my friends.

This year is different

This year is the most active I’ve been my whole life.

Badminton clinic, Org. president, Voice lessons, Internet life, Academic scholarships, Ranking first in the whole school and more. I hope I can keep this up this term. I’m happy with these changes. Plus, I’m becoming closer with my college friends again which is severely awesome.

I had to quit the gym though which is sad… I injured my back while dead-lifting (thanks to my trainer :[ but I hold no grudges). My body can wait. I’m only 17. I guess I don’t need that “modelling” body yet. Right now I’m gonna focus on having fun and doing & learning things I like.

I feel enlightened. I feel more mature. I am happy. I feel like I found the secret to happiness. Which is ridiculous because I’m probably still too young to say crap like that but I do feel that way. Heck I’m not even blogging properly anymore. I’m just typing what comes to mind. I’m actually that happy.

Impromptu outings/visits

Lately I’ve been going out with friends on such short notice and staying out later than usual. Also, they’ve been coming over on short notice as well. But I’m actually happy this time. I enjoy their company now. This feels great. I don’t want these days to end

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