When I’m bored

When I get really bored I think of what other people could possibly be thinking. The more bored I get, the more distant the person I think of becomes.

I wonder what Steve Jobs’ wife is thinking…

Baby talk makes me uncomfortable

By that I mean when adults talk weird and make weird sounds around a baby. I thought we were supposed to teach babies real words, not gibberish?

From a recent study I’ve read, it says that it’s better for the baby if we talk to it using properly constructed sentences rather than using “baby talk”.

God vs being good

Nobody needs a religion to do good things. And doing things “in the name of God” does not always mean you are doing good.

Human beings are capable of thinking for themselves and doing morally good things without being instructed by any superior being. We have this thing called common sense and it allows us to choose whatever we want to do. In the end, being given “free will” by God means that we are left the decision if we will do good on our own or not.

As the saying goes: “An intelligent person does not need the promise of heaven to see the merit of good deeds”.

I say this addressing people who say that you need a religion to do good. I reject that thought.

Nobody is born awesome

I don’t really believe in talent. I believe in skill. Everyone starts out being one of the most useless and dumbest creature alive. And then they grow up.

EDIT (2015) Okay, so maybe some people do have the genes of a talented person. Meh. But I stand my ground on being able to develop skills. Hard work can still beat talent.

Taking a shower is really hard

I for one resent taking showers. Yes, I know, for my age that’s not acceptable anymore. But still, it’s just so much of a hassle to take a shower.

But the hard part comes in two parts.

Trying to force myself to take a shower is already hard. Thinking of that feeling you get when your skin meets with the cold stream of water only makes it harder. And the actual event is no better. But this is only half the battle. The other half is braving to exit the shower once comfortable already. Thinking of the feeling that comes when exposing your naked and vulnerable skin that has gotten accustomed to the temperature of the water to the suddenly chilling air is not comforting. And again, even less for the actual thing.

This is why I hate taking showers/baths.

But the other reason is that I’m just too lazy.

Why should sexuality matter?

We’re already living in a modern and sophisticated era. I doubt sexuality should even matter to people anymore. It’s not even bothering anyone so why should you care about anybody’s sexual orientation?

People already have a lot to deal with in their lives and sexuality is probably the least of their problems considering it’s not even supposed to be anyone’s problem. Everyone just goes on with their life so I really don’t get why anyone would be bothered about how somebody else chooses to live it.

Don’t you think you have more important things to do than trying to deprive other people from their own rights? Screw you if you think you even have the right to dictate what other people should and should not do. Everyone only has one life. We should be able to enjoy it the way we want to.


I don’t get drinking. It’s like drinking something that tastes worse than piss. It’s like voluntarily taking in something that doesn’t taste good and makes you feel bad the next day.

I don’t get smoking. It’s just smoke coming in and out of your lungs. I prefer smoke coming from a grill.

But then again, I’m still young and naive.

Friends don’t belong in a category

It irks me when people introduce me under a category.

Hey, this is my smart friend.
Hey, this is my rich friend.
Hey, this guy is the top 1 in our school.
He’s a robot.

Why can’t I just be your friend? I know that sometimes it’s meant as a joke and I get that. I laugh and move on with my life. But jokes get old too and sometimes you just know when things aren’t just jokes anymore.

I see other people doing this all the time too. Saying:

I wish I had a serious best friend.
I wish I had a gay best friend.
I wish I had a rich friend.
I want a cool best friend.

To clear things out, I can be an awesome friend without having to belong in any category. I know that there are certain types of friends like those that you can joke around with or those that you can have serious conversations with. But do you really need to categorize them? Can’t they/I just be your best friend? I swear I’ll be good.

What’s up with you pianists?

I wonder why all (good/professional) pianists have bad posture? I’ve never seen a pianist with his/her back properly positioned. They’re all crouched down like hunchbacks…

Why? Is there something I’m missing here?

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