I’m really sorry I’m useless.

I know I stay in my room all the time. I also like going out a lot.

I can’t with life..

Some days I’m thankful for the daydreams that never came to be.

But damn it– some days I just want to live the fantasies in my head.

To see some of them become a reality.

Digital Footprints

My dad and I never sent emails or became friends on facebook. I’m not sure how I would feel if I had the opportunity to read old texts or conversations I had with him…

Some days it still feels surreal– the fact that he’s gone I mean.

I wonder what others would feel if they read their old messages they had with me? What if I’m dead?

Passing the days aimlessly.

I try to do things but I…

I’m even losing interest in the last few things I’m passionate about.

Daydreaming about living a different life. Not in a depressed kind of way. Just enjoying fantasizing what life would be like if I succeeded in a different career.

They ask, what do you live for? Answers may vary and are plenty.

But what do you answer if they ask “what are you dying for?”

“it’s better to turn a blind eye than to close your heart” -GC

How long can you stay sane and guarded?

What a way to end the night.

Losing streak then opening my email to see a wall of text filled with things I need to correct on my manuscript.

Currently on a state of acceptance, apathy, and disappointment

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